This year in 2016 Team Pudder and Elizabeth Pudder won several awards from the brokerage of RE/MAX Properties Inc. and RE/MAX LLC. We are very proud of these awards and can't wait to win more next year!

100% Club


200% Club


Rick Logan Memorial Award

The Rick Logan Award has been a memorial award that we have given out for many years. Rick was a RE/MAX Properties Inc. agent that always gave great care to his clients and staff. He went the extra mile for people no matter the need.

This year's recipient has shown a remarkably generous spirit in her work at RE/MAX Properties, Inc. Not only does she go above and beyond for her clients to make their transactions go well, but jumps in when they need personal help as well. She is gracious to our staff and other agents, making her a joy to do a transaction with. She gives generously of her time and talents to our other agents, sharing her techniques, systems, and ideas both in groups and one on one. She is creating a professional standard that any agent could be guided by. It is a great pleasure to present this year's Rick Logan award to Elizabeth Pudder!